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iFuze Comfort
Lighting and Shade Controls
Save money and energy with our eco-friendly lighting and shade control systems.  We can add dimmers, switches, and shade controls that tie directly into your Control 4 system and provide you with instant control of your lighting and shade devices with the press of one button.  We can program several lighting scenes for you, maybe you want your lights to turn on and off at a desired time or to randomly turn on and off while you are on vacation to make it appear as if someone is home.  Imagine that you are ready for bed and forgot to turn off the lights downstairs with iFuze Technologies and the press of one button on a keypad located in your master bedroom you could turn off all the lights in your house.  Let us make it simple for you!  Remotely log into your Control 4 system from any internet connection in the world utilizing your 4Sight subscription and control your house even while you are away.

HVAC Controls
Add intelligent temperature control to your home with the Control 4 wireless thermostat.  When integrated with the Control 4 home automation system, the wireless thermostat adds multiple climate control functions accessible from any room in the house.  Would you like an email notification if the temperature in your house drops below a certain point?  It is possible to get that notification with the Control 4 wireless thermostat and 4Sight.          
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