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iFuze Care
Tele-Health Care / ADL Monitoring
Do you have a loved one staying home alone that you worry about?  Chances are if you don’t now, you will in the future.  With the aging population there is growing concern of how to afford someone to watch over Mom or Dad all day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know if they are safe without having someone at the house with them 24/7?  This is in no way a replacement for the human touch, just an additional method for monitoring your loved ones needs and daily activities.
With our comprehensive ADL (activities of daily living) system we can monitor whether your loved one has gotten out of bed for the day, taken their medicine on time, eaten their meals when they are suppose to, and even notify you if their weight changes.  Bed sensors, blood pressure cuffs and glucose meters give you additional medical monitoring capabilities.  iFuze Care keeps you in constant communication with your loved one right over their television.  Send them pictures, write them messages that appear on their TV screen, set up a daily, weekly and monthly calendar for them so they are always “in the loop”.  iFuze Care monitoring provides useful information with non-invasive sensors while at the same time entertaining your loved one with our interactive cognitive care system. 

Does your loved one have a caregiver that visits the house already?  iFuze Care can make it easier on the caregiver by keeping everyone involved in the care of your loved one.  Set up notifications for the caregivers as well as yourself.  We can tailor the system for your individual needs, whether there is an outside caregiver or just for you and your loved one. 

iFuze Care also partners with assisted living facilities and in home care networks to provide additional awareness for preventative care.  We would be happy to set up a multi-system network in your assisted living facility in order to help you keep better track of your residents and keep the lines of communication open between your residents, their families and your staff.   

Our packages consist of both medical and non-medical monitoring starting at $39.99 per month.  There are three packages to choose from iFuze Care Economy package, iFuze Care Standard package and the iFuze Care Deluxe package.  If these packages do not suit your needs we can customize one that will. 

Would you like to try this system for your loved one but you are worried about the cost of the packages?  iFuze provides you with a broad range of purchase and leasing options, and we are confident that we can find one that will work for your budget.

iFuze Care is there even when you can’t be.  Call us today to see how you and your loved one can get better piece of mind using iFuze Care products. 

  • Promote continued independence
  • Track and chart ADL (activities of daily living) and abnormal behaviors
  • Watch for wandering, falls, bathroom visits and medication usage
  • Monitor weight, diabetes & dementia
  • Communicate with your loved one and their caregivers
  • Have piece of mind that your loved one is safe